(slip away || Bardo Pond upcoming Batholith)

Η μέρα μου ξεκινάει με αυτό:

Batholith – Upcoming LP on Three Lobed Recordings
Bardo Pond and Three Lobed Recordings are excited to announce that they are combining forces for an upcoming LP. This album (titled Batholith) has largely been classified by the two parties as the “lost album.” Why? Well, it consists entirely of some of the band’s favorite material that has, for any number of reasons, never appeared on a proper album. We’re talking about classics like “A Tune” and “Slip Away.” Look for this record to come out sometime in late February / early March 2008. A downloadable mp3 of “Slip Away” can be found on the Three Lobed Recordings catalog page.
(@ http://www.threelobed.com/bardo/home )

ωραία, σπάνια προλαβαίνω τις ανακοινώσεις ενώ είναι ακόμα upcoming.. :p

Πέραν αυτού η μέρα ξεκινάει με ελεϊνό πονοκέφαλο αλλά maximum d/l στα 105 atm !

Slip Away.mp3


~ by Thelxi on January 28, 2008.

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